The conservative, growth and income strategy that

Lets You Sleep At Night™



The LYSAN™ Strategy is an equity strategy driven by accurate quantitative information ranked according to our fixed criteria. The resulting portfolio is based strictly on the quantitative rankings derived from these criteria and is not subject to any personal interpretation or emotion. The LYSAN™ Strategy uses Morningstar® CPMS™ to select stocks from either the top 300 free-float market-capitalization weighted stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange or from the S&P 500. Our selected criteria are well known and used by many market analysts in various forms. The portfolio consists of the 15 top ranked stocks from their respective universes. Each position is weighted equally and the overall portfolio adheres to a strict maximum sector weighting. The LYSAN™ strategy has been designed to be more defensive and to outperform in down markets, while still generating attractive returns in up markets.

The LYSAN™ Canadian Conservative Growth/Income Portfolio and LYSAN™ U.S. Conservative Growth/Income Portfolio:

  • Based solely on quantitative methods for selecting stocks;

  • Eliminates emotion and personal bias in stock selection;

  • An equity strategy with no alternative asset classes;

  • Consistently had annualized back-tested long-term returns superior to its relevant benchmark for over 25 years;

  • An uncomplicated and easily understood long-term investment strategy;

  • A disciplined method of constructing a superior conservative growth and income portfolio.